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Nepali Jokes नेपाली जोक्स हासौ र हसाऔ

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Nepali Jokes नेपाली जोक्स हासौ र हसाऔ is a completely free app for All android users. It’s full of Comedy fun. It’s a Nepali Comedy App with full entertainment.

It is said that laughter is the medicine of the mind. So, when we get tired working and working for a long time. At that time, we need refreshment. This app gives the users entertainment and refreshment for their brain and they will get refreshed.

This app is not only entertaining but also informative and educational that it teaches us about what we should do or what we shouldn’t do. This app can lead us to the right track when we choose or select wrong ways.

So, besides humor, this app is also our teacher or way shower that we can run or go through the correct way in our life.

All the jokes in this app, are educational to learn something correct things in the journey of day to day life.

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