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नेपाली सामान्य ज्ञान Nepali GK General Knowledge

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नेपाली सामान्य ज्ञान Nepali GK-General Knowledge is a free educational app. It provides many questions answers about History, Geography, Literature, Sports and games, Science, Technology, Health, Nepali Culture, Religion, Interesting Facts and so many others.

This is a G.K. app for students. All questions and answers are collected in this app from different sources like Books and internet and etc.

Gaun Khane Katha Nepali – नेपाली गाँउ खाने कथा

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Gaun Khane Katha Nepali is a free app in Nepali Language. This application has been designed for educational purpose. The students as well as many people can learn several questions and answers on Nepali Gaun Khane Katha. All others information are collected from different internet sources.

In the field of basic education, this application is full of education and wisdom which is needed for day to day life. It has covered so many traditional questions with their answers. The students can gain much more knowledge from it. And, at the same time, the people who are interested in such type of questions, will also have great experiences in their life panel.

This is web based app which contains many more Gau Khane Katha questions and answers. It provides knowledgeable and educational contents. So, the users will have more advantages in this education field.

This app is a bundle of source for entertainment also because it carries entertaining traditional questions. You can realize that all these questions are generated from the face and ground of the society and life scratch of the people. College Students as well as all the people are benefited from this app.

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