100 Basic Computer Related G.K. Questions Page – 5

81. Joshy, Perfumes are examples of _______? Viruses

82. Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as _______? Spam

83. Who is regarded as Father of “C” programming language? Dennis Ritchie

84. RAM can be treated as the _______ for the computer’s processor. Waiting Room

85. A DVD is an example of an _______? Optical Disc

86. Which is most common tool used to restrict access to computer system? Passwords

87. ASCII stands for _______? American Standard Code for Information Interchange

88. Second Generation computers were developed during _______? 1956-65

89. An error in software or hardware is called a bug.

90. What is the alternative computer jargon for it? Glitch

91. Where does most data go first with in a computer memory hierarchy? RAM

92. Help Menu is available at which button? Start

93. Which file contains permanent data and gets updated during the processing of transactions? Master File

94. The technology that stores only essential instructions on a microprocessor chip and thus enhances its speed is referred as _______? RISC

95. What is the name of an application program that gathers user information and sends it to someone through the Internet? Spybot

96. When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands? 1991

97. What kind of memory is both static and non-volatile? ROM

98. Computers manipulate data in many ways, and this manipulation is called _______? Processing

99. The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer is an example of a law enforcement speciality called _______? Computer Forensics

100. The common name for the crime of stealing passwords is _______? Spoofing

101. BIOS stands for _______? Basic Input Output System

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