100 Computer Questions and Answers Page – 5

81. Which of the following languages is more suited to a structured program? PASCAL

82. IBM 1401 is a? Second Generation Computer

83. What will happen in the single level directory? All files are contained in the same directory

84. Chief component of First Generation computer was? Vaccum tubes and valves

85. The personal computer industry was started by? IBM (International Business Machine)

86. For an effective operating system, when to check for deadlock? every time a resource request is made at fixed time intervals

87. CD-ROM stands for? Compact Disk Read Only Memory

88. In a timeshare operating system, when the time slot assigned to a process is completed, the process switches from the current state to? Ready state

89. Perforated paper used as input or output media is known as? Paper tape

90. Ethernet uses? Bus topology

91. What does OS X has? hybrid kernel

92. Which was the most popular first generation computer? IBM 1650

93. Responsibility of the logical unit in the CPU of a computer is? To compare numbers

94. A device that operates under the control of another device is called? Slave

95. As compared to diskettes, the hard disks are? More expensive

96. If a process fails, most operating system write the error information to a ______ ? log file

97. Group of instructions that directs a computer is called? Program98. What is the main function of the command interpreter? to get and execute the next user-specified command

99. CPU scheduling is the basis of ___________? multiprogramming operating systems

100. A computer-controlled device for training exercises that duplicates the work environment is called? Simulator

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