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About Killer Coming App:

Play Game and Earn Money Online.

Withdraw Your Money direct in Khalti Digital Wallet.

Sprint quickly to kill enemies, and rush through levels flexibly along the way.

A challenging level-breaking game, the game theme is simple and clear, the operation is fast and simple, the removal of complex controls makes the game faster, and you can easily enter and experience the fun of the game in your leisure time.
Quickly pass through the building to the exit and take the elevator to the next level. The enemy has advanced weapons and intensive firepower, and the killer only has cold weapons in hand. In a moment, the killer enters the battlefield with vigorous skills, jumps up and down according to the direction of the arrow to kill the enemy, avoid enemy weapon attacks on the way, pay attention to avoid bullet attacks and kill the enemy. There are random props in the box, and you can get the props by destroying the box.

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Nepali gk by the media house

–There are many characters and you can choose to enter as a killer with multiple identities.
–Blessed by force, all kinds of weapons and equipment are waiting to be armed.
–More levels are waiting for impact, experience the fun of impact.
–Game rewards are readily available, and generous rewards are waiting for you.
–The Killer Coming game is about to start, and challenges are waiting for you on the road.

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