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नेपाली सामान्य ज्ञान Nepali GK General Knowledge

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Nepali Samanya Gyan is a completely FREE app. It is an educational application. It contains several types of many questions and answers It helps the users to prepare Nepali GK Competition and Lok Sewa Tayari. It is the only Nepali GK preparation with the latest Nepali General Knowledge questions and Nepali Quiz.

Education is the backbone of our life. So, the more we learn everyday, the more we become powerful person in personality in our day to day life. The people who are not educated are shown done in our society. So, we must be highly educated to establish in present world.

This application has brought the many topics on Nepali GK, History of Nepal, Science questions for lok sewa exam, Nepali Sambidhan questions, Nepali Lok Sewa Tayari materials, Nepali Quiz and many more.

This app has been really designed for all the users to increase the knowledge in the field of General Knowledge and GK Quiz. All the contents adopted by this app are new and highly knowledgeable and the subject matters are well arranged.
This app contains many questions with their answers having present issues with great values. Many current affairs are also included in it. We try to collect much more new contents in it and some contents related to the world level, too.
If you feel that this needs improvement, you can send us your valuable feedback or ideas or questions or any suggestions for better experience in this GK app.
We hope you enjoy and get benefited going through all General Knowledge questions to make your knowledge bank powerful.

Gaun Khane Katha Nepali – नेपाली गाँउ खाने कथा

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Gaun Khane Katha Nepali is a free app in Nepali Language. This application has been designed for educational purpose. The students as well as many people can learn several questions and answers on Nepali Gaun Khane Katha. All others information are collected from different internet sources.

In the field of basic education, this application is full of education and wisdom which is needed for day to day life. It has covered so many traditional questions with their answers. The students can gain much more knowledge from it. And, at the same time, the people who are interested in such type of questions, will also have great experiences in their life panel.

This is web based app which contains many more Gau Khane Katha questions and answers. It provides knowledgeable and educational contents. So, the users will have more advantages in this education field.

This app is a bundle of source for entertainment also because it carries entertaining traditional questions. You can realize that all these questions are generated from the face and ground of the society and life scratch of the people. College Students as well as all the people are benefited from this app.

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