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Facebook Reels Settings

What is reels? What is Facebook Reels? How To Upload Reels on Facebook? How To setup Facebook Reels?

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Reels are short, engaging videos on social media platforms, usually lasting up to 60 seconds. They are a popular feature on various platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Reels is a feature within the Facebook app that allows users to create and discover short-form videos. It’s similar to Instagram Reels but integrated into the Facebook platform.

To upload Reels on Facebook:

1. **Open the Facebook app:** Ensure you have the latest version of the Facebook app installed on your device.

2. **Access the Reels feature:** Tap on the ‘+’ icon in the center of the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Then select “Reel” from the menu that appears.

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3. **Create your Reel:** You can record a new video by holding down the record button. You can also upload a video from your gallery by tapping the gallery icon.

4. **Edit your Reel:** After recording or selecting a video, you can add effects, music, text, and other creative elements to enhance your Reel.

5. **Set your audience:** Choose who can view your Reel – Public, Friends, or Custom audience.

6. **Post your Reel:** Once you are satisfied with your Reel, tap the “Share” button to post it on Facebook.

Remember, the exact steps might vary slightly based on the app version and platform you’re using. Always refer to the latest Facebook app guidelines or help section for the most accurate and updated information.

You can make good settings for Facebook Reels to protect your reels

For more details, watch this video below:

Facebook reels settings

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